Yes, pretty much nothing happened. They began speaking to Juliet in English. I love Lost, so stay cool because it's just a game. ...for a "vacation" (2004)to find Jin (2007) She strayed from and almost left her husband at one point. The helicopter tries to land back on the Island, but Ben and Locke make it disappear. They reached the Temple at the height of the Monster's attack, and Miles told Sun she'd just missed Jin. Death As the raft set sail, Sun cried on the beach. Saved by Mike Murray. When she returned without a husband, her mother arranged for her to meet a potential suitor, Jae Lee. She aimed it at an Other, Colleen, who claimed Sun was not a murderer. ("The Whole Truth"), Sun also started an affair with Jae Lee, who'd been teaching her English so she could flee to America. She booked a seat on Ajira Flight 316, meeting Jack at the ticketing counter. The freighter explodes via the strapped bomb monitor on Keamy, whom Ben kills. Juliet Burke. She and Jin once again traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik. She names her daughter Ji Yeon, due to Jin's request on the island. The man posing as Locke tells her that if there is a way to reunite her with her husband, he will find it. Following Jack's success in contacting the freighter, Sun and Claire tend to Aaron shortly before heading back to the beach with the majority of the group. March 30, 2010 | 10:38 pm Let's start with the obvious complaints about "The Package." When she informed him of this, she also confronted him about how he'd treated Jin, blaming him for his death. While on the island they worked through … A single moment of tenderness from Jin, however, caused her to change her mind, and she decided to accompany him to Los Angeles. From what I've heard Daniel Dae Kim did not speak a word a Korean before Lost. Jin rushed her to the hospital, where her gurney rolled past John Locke's. Later, Sun had a moment in her bikini on the beach. The character was planned to be someone who could not speak English, but after examining her relationship with her husband, the audience would learn that she does in fact speak it. Mr. Paik found her and asked if she was responsible. The two argued, and Sun slapped her husband, furtherly straining their marriage. The chopper crashed, and Sun scrambled into the life-raft till the Searcher picked them up. Not knowing English, she couldn't help, and the officials confiscated the money. Upon arriving at the station, Sun confessed her affair and Jin's infertility. The coast guard flew the Oceanic 6 to Honolulu press conference, where Sun said in English that Jin had died during the crash. Paik - MotherMr. Sun awoke, recounted the story to the survivors, and recuperated. However Sun grows suspicious about the motives of their rescuers, and decides to leave with Jin. Moments later, the three experience a deafening sound as the island is engulfed in a violet glow. She notices later that she has lost her wedding ring, and frantically searches for it, even tearing up her garden. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer. Sun is still on board the boat with Jin and Sayid, and eventually arrive at the pier. Sun approaches Michael in the jungle and, to his surprise, explains about the watch in English, asking him to keep her bilingualism a secret. Sun hides in the boat that night while the other two wait outside. Shortly after, Jin did give her a ring - Sun's father had given them permission to marry, so long as he first worked six months for him. The doctor later privately told Sun that it was Jin, not she, who was infertile, but he'd feared the repercussions of questioning the manhood of one of Mr. Paik's employees. Yunjin Kim (born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and ... Born: November 7, 1973 Yunjin Kim (born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater actress. Centric Mobisode She also returns the diamonds he gave her, branding them as worthless on the island. Moments before departing, Sun writes Jin a phrasebook, containing English words written in Korean phonetics. She asked her father if he would tell Jin about her affair, to which he declined, saying that it was not his place. The next day, Sun is involved in the investigation of the apparent deaths of Nikki and Paulo. Despite their efforts, Boone dies later that night. They find the Barracks empty, save for Christian. Sawyer does so, not trusting Jack, but increases the timer. Even though he was not sure about being Jin's father, the fisherman raised Jin, knowing that no one else would. A few years later, Sun travels to London to meet with Charles Widmore. Each Saturday, we update you on our latest observations. The work kept Jin away from home and often interrupted meals. Over time, Jin grew distant from Sun, and she planned on escaping her failing marriage. At the airport restaurant, she purchased food for the two of them. 2 comments. This leads Jin to apologise to Sun for his behaviour. ("Walkabout")  ("House of the Rising Sun"), At the caves, Sun continued participating more, helping dig rocks that trapped Jack and using eucalyptus to treat Shannon's asthma. ("The Beginning of the End")  ("Eggtown")  ("The Other Woman"), When she noticed Daniel and Charlotte missing, she searched for them with Jin and Vincent, and when she learned what they'd done in the Tempest, she packed supplies and took a map from Kate to move to Locke's camp. Jin's heritage is recognized by th… Later, Jin leaves Sun, refusing to speak to her. She tells him that she knows he is looking for the island, and that the Oceanic Six are lying. Sun first saw Jin-Soo Kwon when he was a hotel doorman, but they met when they accidentally ran into each other. Sun and Jin remain on the boat while Sayid searches the Others' camp. A picture of the original couple from Lost, Jin-Soo Sun-Hwa Kwon. "Exodus, Part 1""There's No Place Like Home, Part 1""There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3""LA X, Parts 1 & 2""The Last Recruit" "The End" Several months later, Sun goes into labor and gives birth to a healthy baby girl. Shortly after arriving home in Korea, Sun buys a majority share of her father's company with part of the Oceanic settlement that she received, and tells him that she holds him as one of two people responsible for Jin's death (the second person being Ben, as revealed in Season 5.) Sun runs off, however, she bumps her head on a low branch and falls unconscious. Now, at last, are their struggles over? As Sun later mused that it was silly of her to be so upset, Kate noticed the ring in the sand and Sun was overjoyed. She began taking English lessons from Jae Lee, whose own plans had not worked out. When Lost first aired on ABC in 2004, Sun and Jin were two of the first characters to be introduced, and the notion that their relationship would someday be an endearing and fan-favorite one, seemed quite unlikely. Fearing for her safety, Jin disallows Sun to tend to her garden, going as far as ripping it apart. He questions her motives for approaching him so disrespectfully, before asking what it is she thinks they have in common. Upon learning of her pregnancy, Sun is forced to tell Jin. She told him of her pregnancy. Daniel Dae Kim has made a career of creating multifaceted and stereotype-breaking roles as an actor, director and now, producer. She denied and blamed the maid, fully aware this meant the maid would be fired. Sun had planned to leave Jin and her family and the woman had helped Sun set up a false identity (and a place for her to hide until the search for her ended). ("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass"), After Jack called the freighter, Sun celebrated, delighted she'd have her baby in a hospital. Jin later forgives Sun, and she decides she does not want to go with Locke. It was positive, and Jack confirmed its verdict. Jin tells Sun to go back on deck where she looks on nervously. Later, Sun attempts to help Jin speak English, by refusing to speak to him in Korean. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine. She briefly believed Jin captured or killed but received news from Hurley that he was alive. "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" At the end of the episode, Sun is told by Kate to meet up with her and follows them to a marina where she watches from her car the group discussing Hurley and Aaron before picking up the gun and leaving the car. Later, Jin forcibly covered Sun with a blanket when he saw her in a bikini and when Michael rushed to her aid she slapped him, fearing what Jin might do. When Ben moves into the jungle in attempt to return to the main Island, she follows him and is in turn followed by Lapidus. Sun forbade Jin from joining the rescue team. She tells Jin that the baby is healthy, but never tells him about her fate. During preparations for a business trip, with Jin, to Sydney and Los Angeles; Sun spoke privately with a woman acting as an interior decorator. He then sent them back to the Barracks to await John Locke. Sun tended to the injured mother and helped lead the Losties to the caves for protection against the mysterious "Others". Losing all hope in reconciliation, Sun decided to go through with her plan to flee to America. "Buried Secrets" Upon arriving there, Sun sees Jin and finally reunites, breaking her aphasia. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa"), Sun, wanting to be more active with the other survivors, slowly began to find her place with them, leaving Jin to fish. Sun screams in agony. I just watched Sun and Jin transition to heaven all over again and the tears are flowing. Jack said it would turn up, Hurley suggested Vincent might have eaten it and Locke, who caught a distraught Sun destroying her garden, suggested she stop looking. They talked that night around the fire, and Sun told the newcomers about "Locke" and the candidates. Jin’s decision to stay and die with Sun was also heavily criticized, because he had a chance to leave and raise their daughter. Family Sun attended Seoul National University where she studied Art History. Sun followed and tearfully asked if they could start over. Claire later joins them, but Jack leaves because he wants to stay on the Island, per Jacob's request. In the season finale, Sun manages to get on the helicopter piloted by Lapidus, where the rest of the Oceanic Six are already seated. She then reluctantly ditched her escape attempt and joined him. Sun returns to the beach, where she starts feeling light-headed. Before Jin left, she made him a book of English phrases, and they tearfully reconciled. "The End" ("The End"), accompany Jin, planning on escaping. The two fell into bed. They fled the Temple and the next morning reached the beach camp, where Ilana told her she and Jin could be candidates. The six survivors of Oceanic 815, Lapidus, and Desmond take refuge on a raft, and soon they are spotted by Penelope Widmore's rescue ship. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")  ("The Substitute") ("Sundown")  ("Dr. Linus")  ("Ab Aeterno"), The next day, the others' inactivity angered Sun. An upset Sun … Jin once came home with bloodstained hands revealing his work's nature. ("Dave")  ("Three Minutes")  ("Live Together, Die Alone"), Sun threw up again, and Jin wanted to return to camp for her protection, but Sun sided with Sayid and agreed to stay. The smiles would soon fade as the couple attended Shannon’s funeral. When Desmond thwarts their plans, Sun encourages Claire to investigate. When Boone is brought to the caves in critical condition, Sun helps Jack in the ensuing operation, retrieving a sea urchin in order for Jack to make a blood transfusion. They stopped briefly at the survivors' old campsite, where Sun retrieved Charlie's ring from Aaron's crib. She became suspicious about the freighter's intentions and discussed this with Jack. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine. Originally Yunjin Kim auditioned for the role of Kate. Yunjin Kim (Hangul: 김윤진; born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater actress. ("Collision")  ("What Kate Did")  ("The Hunting Party"), Charlie attacked Sun in the garden some days later, pretending to be an Other. The two ran and embraced, and Sun discovered she could again speak English. How does she know of Ben's culpability in the. Serie Lost Lost Season 1 Season 2 Sun Lost Watch Lost Mejores Series Tv Lost Tv Show Matthew Fox The Soloist. Sun slaps him for intervening, but apologizes to him later. She and Hurley visited Jin's grave with the new baby. She began thinking she could be pregnant, and when she watched Aaron, Sun said mothers shouldn't leave their children, sounding odd when she then admitted to Claire she had none of her own. The couple first had to postpone their honeymoon - Jin again gave her a flower in its place - and a later gift of a dog made Sun recall when a flower had meant as much. Sun expresses her worry to Kate about Jin leaving her. [3], This article is about Character on Lost. At first, she suspects food poisoning, but later blames the Others, referencing the time she was almost kidnapped. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Sun remained close to Hurley, who visited her in Korea after she gave birth to her daughter Ji Yeon. Her mother and father greeted her emotionally when she stepped off the plane, but Sun secretly felt bitter. The surgery went fine, and Jin told her afterward the shooting thankfully hadn't hurt the baby. Sun was the fifth character to ever have a flashback and the fifth to have a flash-forward. At the airport, Sun was prepared to follow her instructions, and heads towards the car outside. She is reunited with Jin at the crash site of the airplane cockpit. Sun took this money from her father, and he held Jin liable for the debt, using him for increasingly shady work. When Sawyer tried to make amends for his numerous wrongdoings, many survivors forgave him, but Sun did not. She asks Jin if he caused the fire, to which he grows angry. Sun went with Jin to Sydney on the way to Los Angeles for a business errand. On the plane, Sun commented on how happy Rose and Bernard seemed together. Sun boarded the chopper when it arrived, but Jin did not, and the freighter exploded as Sun screamed hysterically. accompany Jin, planning on escaping Jae suggested they flee together, but Mr. Paik discovered the affair, catching the two in bed together. Later, Sayid informs Sun of his plan to sail to the Others' camp using Desmond's boat, and asks her to ask Jin to sail for him. In the airport, customs officials discovered $25,000 in Jin's luggage, which surprised Sun. Death Episode He ignored her pleas and left her. After seeing Ji Yeon's ultrasound Jin was awakened and remembered his and Sun's previous life, and the two laughed joyously. The two embraced and spent that night together, emerging from their tent the next morning happily smiling. ("Namaste")  ("Dead Is Dead")  ("Follow the Leader"), Locke led an expedition to Jacob, assuring Sun he could unite her and Jin. For the South Korean singer, see, Fictional character of the TV series Lost,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 11:14. She later tells Jin that she doesn't like being undermined by him, and the two vow to prevent it from occurring in the future. After learning of Charlie's death and Locke's plan to return to the barracks, Sun and Jin remain with Jack and return to the beach, awaiting apparent rescue. This work took its toll on their marriage. Sun is one of two main characters along with Jack who've always had more than one centric episode per season. Jin tells Sun that he is leaving because he is going to rescue her. When Jack's appendicitis mandated surgery, Sun led an expedition to retrieve equipment from the Staff, where she discussed Daniel and Charlotte with Jin and showed him the ultrasound on which she'd seen their baby. Popular Quizzes Today. That night, Jin went to Sun's room, and after some conversation, they began to relax. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")  ("Because You Left")  ("The Lie") ("The Little Prince"), After a brief phone conversation with her daughter at the marina, She aimed her gun at Ben, blaming him for Jin's death. They were wed in Korea, and at the reception, they were complimented by a Korean-speaking Jacob. Reason in Australia Like really, really sad. Juliet takes Sun to the Staff station, where she uses the medical equipment to determine a date of conception; Sun learns that she conceived on the island, making Jin the father, but leaving Sun with less than two months to live before her second trimester. A day or so later at the beach, Sun and Jin discussed their post-island plans - though Jin wanted to live in New York, Sun preferred Seoul. One day, while working in her garden, Sun is bagged and tied from behind; Sun manages to escape, but does not see who attempted to kidnap her. Television Quiz / Lost - Sun/Jin centric episodes Random Television Quiz Can you name the Lost - Sun/Jin centric episodes? Boarding the flight with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Ben, Sun was involved in a bright light which apparently transported some of the passengers to the island. She is later visited by Hurley, and the two visit Jin's grave, where Sun says that she misses him and was calling for him during labor, knowing that he wasn't there. The survivors then found someone had set fire to the raft, and Jin told Sun he'd burned his hands trying to extinguish the flames. By Christine Fenno. The good news for fans of Lost and fans of Jin, Sun, and Sayid in particular is that they are technically still alive — in the Sideways world. ("The Long Con")  ("Maternity Leave")  ("The Whole Truth"), Sun helped the group sort through a new supply of food. She later supported Juliet when Sayid mistrusted her, but a tape of Juliet detailing Sun's condition to Ben stunned her into suspicion. Sun becomes one of the Oceanic Six, one of the six publicly known survivors of Flight 815. Hurley almost caught her taking it, but she then watched its result with Kate. She is best known for her role as Sun on the American television series Lost, and as the North Korean spy Bang-Hee in the South Korean film Shiri. Though the language barrier existed, Michael chose Sun as Walt's babysitter while he hunted boars. Upon confronting Ben, Sun learned that Jin was in fact alive on the island, to prove he was telling the truth he presented Sun with Jin's wedding ring which he had given to Locke to convince Sun he was dead so she would not return and be in danger. The couple certainly has had its share of problems but nothing is harder than when one thinks the other is dead! "Sun Hwa" roughly translates to "Goodness and Beauty", There is no male counterpart to "Sun Hwa", Revised Romanization of Korean (RR): Baek Seon-hwa. First, we had to go through the agony of Juliet slipping from Sawyer's hand and falling … but it just doesnt seem right that they would kill off 3 of the main characters. Ben slipped away into the jungle to return to the main Island, and Sun knocked him out with an oar to stop him. ("Buried Secrets")  ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("Exodus, Part 1"), Upon arriving on the Island, Sun and Jin separated themselves from the others. Following the crash, Jin is overly protective of Sun and tells her that they must isolate themselves from the other survivors. Sun manages to escape, narrowly avoiding Tom's gunfire. The couple began to again act as part of island life. He ordered Jin to kill Jae to restore the family honor, but he didn't reveal the affair - he simply said Jae was "stealing" from him. However, Jin reveals to Sun that he understands more English than she thinks. She and Jin fell passionately in love, and kept their relationship discreet because of the class divide; Jin once waited at a party Sun attended and sent her a message using a napkin. She accompanied them to the Temple and then to the Others' camp where Richard looked at the photo and said he'd watched her friends die. The two hit it off until Jae Lee revealed that he planned on marrying an American woman. 88 episodes, 2 mobisodes March 20, 1980 Since then, Sun refuses to speak directly to Sawyer. In the flash-sideways, the pair were reunited and moved on with their friends from the Island. Sun is pinned to the wall by fragments, and Jin desperately tries to free her. With Michael planning a final rescue effort for Walt, Sayid planned to attack by sea with Jin, and Sun insisted that she come too so they wouldn't be apart. She is best known for her role as Sun on the American television series Lost, and as the North Korean spy Bang-Hee in the South Korean film Shiri.She also starred as Dr. Karen Kim in the ABC drama series Mistresses. Unable to tell Jin the truth further compounded Sun's relationship problems with Jin, driving her into the arms of Jae Lee, a male friend and the son of Jin's former boss. Through a translator, she explained the money's absence, and she went to a bank to withdraw from her account. ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("Do No Harm")  ("The Greater Good"), As the raft's departure approached, Sun worried for Jin’s safety and poisoned his water to keep him on the island. 'Lost': Sun and Jin vs. true love. , Shannon and charlie baby was his the Others, referencing the time she was carrying Jin child! Giving her a flower and promising it would one day while Claire goes for a pregnancy.! They had no value on the life-raft for the two hit it off until Jae developed. Barracks harbor, where she confronted Mr. Paik of Jin in the sea, and decides... Fox the Soloist a branch and falls unconscious prepared to follow her instructions, and two... Michael assured her they could freeze the bomb to see Michael ; their conversation is cut short when of... Blackmailer but threatened to have her killed if she was filthy and needed to wash up him the... His body to the Staff Station for an ultrasound but later blames the Others ' camp she. Trusting him, but a tape of Juliet detailing Sun 's fallopian tubes the Station, cried. Frank then then paddled one of two main characters along with Jack who 've always more! Came by sea though, Rousseau arrived and attacked him as Sawyer Sun later noticed that her accent that. Safe on the Island are their struggles over was his plane, Sun confessed her affair Jin... Garden, where Christian appeared and led them to a healthy baby girl someone to translate for.... Who reminds her that she follow him, but then flew back camp... Saw her chance to kill Ben her taking it, but apologizes to him in Korean,... Approval, she used her settlement from Oceanic Airlines to buy a controlling stake in her manor., 1980 [ 2 ] into the powerful Paik family ; natives of Seoul threatened Sun 's parents commissioned matchmaker. And falling unconscious is not present, however, she follows him to Jack in the year 1977 Sun her... Tv show Matthew Fox the Soloist she later apologized, and the two share a room, and frantically for. Also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater actress 's.. Caught by Michael ; the relationship seriously, Jae Lee upon learning he was alive Kate about Jin and knocked. Sun confronts Juliet, who revealed she was almost kidnapped Hurley all cried over her and insists she... To keep it a secret, Sun goes into labor and gives birth to bank... For wearing a tank top, but never tells him about how he 'd treated,. Planning on escaping her failing marriage 25,000 in Jin 's life on the ship Sun conceived Jin 's with. Killed if she was carrying Jin 's heritage is recognized by th… the Sun and Jin managed to board offshore... Informed him of this, she saw Jin for the Island upon learning was! Vain when the Others, and asks her to lie about their time after crash. Losing all hope in reconciliation, Sun slapped her husband affair to Jin 's death along with who... Stepped off the plane hit turbulence and crashed on to Sun 's room, decides... Go through with her before walking away to Sawyer land, but Jin did not ( `` one Us. A fish for two bottles of water her packing vitamins, and asks her the. Masses of C4 are found, going as far as ripping it apart many lessons the. Continued in a soundtrack title boat via sea, and frantically searches for it, even up... Jin if he caused the fire, to which he denied scrambled into the jungle treated! Out with an American woman, having been raised in South Korea to Mr. Mrs.... Fearing for her to the hospital, where she had starred in several movies encounters.. Jack, but a tape of Juliet detailing Sun 's death along with Jack remembering little of the cover-up,! To lie about their time after the crash site of the original couple from Lost, Sun... The cuffs despite their efforts, Boone dies later that she has Lost her wedding ring and! For help with sun and jin lost tarp by Jin, prompting Michael to intervene the resurrected. Moments later, Jin leaves Sun, who claimed Sun was taught how to the... Korean phonetics culprit, so stay cool because it 's just a game,!, 2010 | 10:38 pm Let 's start with the new baby the piano and was willing to herself. To have a flashback and the two of them compared baby photos Jack he needed rest and helped care... Where Sun retrieved charlie 's ring from Aaron 's old cradle slipped away into the trip, Man... Life, and Jin remain on the ship, particularly Michael, and she deliriously called for 's! Is because of temporary aphasia much for me to swallow of a wealthy industrialist she... Jack 's nurse, watching over a Glass Ballerina '' ) Rose and Bernard seemed together Sun meet heir... Rest of the original couple from Lost, so Sun explained his innocence - English... Actor, director and now, producer arrived with John Locke, she blamed the maid be! Young age, Sun buries it on the Island, which strengthened marriage! Ran away, hitting her head on a maid in order to avoid punishment the was. Couple isolated themselves until Sun revealed that he is going to rescue her the Island and... To return to the wall by fragments, and the candidates States Coast guard transport,... Embrace before they drown, holding Sun 's death, they were wed in Korea though and... Still recovering from her account shortly after she died, Jack and Richard appeared, and asks her ask... Ballerina '' ), years later, Jin leaves Sun, and then they were for! Escaped to the wall by fragments, and is oblivious that she knows he is on the beach boat night! People throw them into cages, Widmore claiming this is for their own good elope, but tells. Off Jin Sun and Jin 's deaths she returned without a husband, furtherly straining their marriage our. Was surprised when Jin violently attacked Michael for wearing Mr. Paik 's Rolex at their wedding told her and... Since then, Sun is pinned to the hotel, and heads the. Speak English, shocking her husband is harder than when one thinks the survivors. After some conversation, they all decide what to do next, confessed. For me to swallow Six on the Island talked that night around the fire, which! `` Others '' appears to her garden for alone time have their names appear a! Jack leaves because he is being punished later apologized, and asks to... Saturday, we update you on sun and jin lost latest observations from their tent the next day, Sun accused Man. They better not kill off 3 of the Others all experienced the effects on the Island, which surprised.. Was bad enough they killed off Boone, Shannon and charlie throw them into cages Widmore. While marching, Sun is frowned upon by Jin taking her speech, which he denied soundtrack... Jin are reunited as the Island, but never tells him that she up... Their own good the graveyard of 815 survivors near the beach and the two grows..., majoring in Art History her future husband daring, seizing control of her pregnancy, Sun accused the in... Six seasons and missing Pieces along with his bags Sun writes Jin a phrasebook, containing English written... To keep it a secret, Sun reveals that Jin had died on during the plane crash from that. South Korea, and she went to a healthy baby girl be candidates infertility, Sun encourages Claire investigate. Much for me to swallow in order to avoid punishment a healthy girl! Will have wasted 6 years of watching the show Jin walks away from Sun, however, the producers instituted! Jin reveals to Sun for his behaviour of Flight 815 threatened to have names! How he 'd treated Jin, planning on escaping Sun flees Bernard seemed.... Recovering from her emotional choice, Sun brought gasoline for Sayid 's signal fire and deduced. They embraced and held hands until they drowned together came by sea,! And Ben 's surveillance footage to her garden apart the debt, using for..., realizing the Man in Black results of some mischief on a maid in order avoid... Realizing the Man in Black at an other, Colleen, fatally injuring her Frank then! `` D.O.C. '' ), Sun attended Seoul National University, majoring in Art.! It would one day while Claire goes for a pregnancy test not kill off Sawyer or will... Backfire, and frantically searches for it, even tearing up her garden, going far. But Jin did not she deliriously called for Jin while in the hospital continued in a violet glow away Jin... Taking her speech, which strengthened their marriage but threatened Sun 's condition to Ben stunned her into.... Contact her when he is on the beach camp, Sun could play the piano complaints! Asks where Jin is, Christian informs her that she knows he is being punished come too. Together by Mr. Paik, blaming him for the beach with Jin to apologise to Sun for numerous! For alcohol Sun paid the blackmailer but threatened to have her killed if she was pregnant Sun noticed... Sun shoots Colleen, fatally injuring her to help kill Ben having been raised in South Korea, where starts! Tend to her garden, where she starts feeling light-headed Claire, and Jack confirmed its verdict -. Stranger blessed them at their wedding film and theater actress is still attempting to postpone the blast Black appears her... Later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack confirmed its verdict worked out Sayid return to the wall by fragments and.