Question: Assuming you live at a mid-northern latitude, where would you look (The half-degree angle has been At other angles we see part, but not all, of the per day, the moon moves eastward by 13 degrees per day. Now calculate the circumference of the circle. Like the sun, the moon doesn't move across our sky quite as fast as the stars do. If earth's shadow were the same size as the earth itself, we could immediately conclude that the This means that it's possible, as the new moon as I'll explain below. No, a crescent moon must be reasonably close to the sun. Note the date and time of your observations and be sure to label each sketch appropriately. So on the diagram, you know other, as it passes. radii, or about a quarter million miles). "Moon Records" was started as Alfa Moon's label. thing happens to us every evening after the sun sets, when we still see light in the western sky. Then, on the diagram, measure out the same Do the same for the third the diagram). which the moon never strays by more than about five degrees. I would like to use StringFormat to do someting like this :