As you can guess, he gets beeped frequently, as his … (by Todd Barty) Vikings - Class Play, The (by Sue Russell) Hamelin Rats - The Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy) Meet the Vikings (by Sue Russell) Losing Purpose (by Jim Pinnock) Service With A Sneer (by Peter May) Worst Day of My Life, The (by Margaret Histed) Easter Story, The (by Sue Russell) Fish (by Sherrill S. Cannon & Kerry E. Gallagher) The Panto (by Archie Wilson) Mudboy and the Messkings (by George Douglas Lee) We’re having a commercial break now. Melodramatic Guide To Victorian Melodrama, A (by Jack Hutchinson) - and Suspenders? Sparring Partners (by George Holmes) Point of the Pyramid - Musical, The (by Sue Gordon) Love Clinic, The (by Damian Trasler) Late Again (by Bob Heather) Warm, Hot, Getting Hotter (by Lou Treleaven) Sin (by C Henchley) Sleeping Beauty [Version 9] (by tlc Creative) (by Hannah Thomas) Tags: comedian samspedy samsedy comedy Samspedy samspedy … Out With The Old (by Wendy Ash) Where the Brass Bands Play (by Geoff Bamber) Jungle Book (by Debbie Chalmers) Sandwich Shop, The (by Frank Gibbons) Princess and the Mirror, The (by Charles Alverson) King Arthur (by Jilly McNeil) Colonel's Wife, The (by Bob Hammond) Brief Guide To Greek Tragedy, A (by Nicholas Richards) Woofer and The Flagger, The (by Ethan Bortman) Life (by Bob Tucker) Minny Pinny Makes a Difference (by Stuart Ardern) Pretty Flamingo (by Johnny Grim) Rhyming Captain Hook (by Richard Coleman) Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. (by Gerald P. 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Jones) Lipstick, The (by Jos Biggs) Music of Christmas, The (by Andrew Yates) Spirit of Christmas, The (by Annette Cameron) Murder at Dress Rehearsal (by Paul Mathews) Sue Gordon) Sredni Vashtar (by Tony Best) Brief History Of The Ancient Olympic Games, A (by Nicholas Richards) You See It All On The Radio! Little Rose, The (by Leon E. Scioscia & Sheri Fink) Pluck (by George Freek) Jackie and the Bean Tin (by Marcus Grollman) Great Gold Dust Conspiracy, The (by David Churchyard) I Quite Fancy A Go At Lacrosse (by Janice Sampson) Good Man, A (by Megan Ott) Pilgrim's Progress [Version 2], The (by Hilary Mackelden) Long Day's Journey Makes Things Right, A (by George Freek) Lions Versus Elephants (by Graham Dillistone) Romans, The (by Andrew Yates) The best place for video content of all kinds. 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Gallagher) (by Andrew Yates) Format Too Far, A (by David Lovesy) Sent Back Standing (by Jenny Gilbert) Madness of Sherlock Holmes, The (by JPS Yates) Nursery Crimes - The Da Wincey Code (by tlc Creative) Retail Therapy (by Cherol Filbee) Vision Impaired (by Richard James) Love Gambit, The (by Vithal Rajan) Captain Kelly's Diamond (by Andrew Weaver) If Music be the Food of Love (by Ethan Smith) Friends (by David Dunn) Behavioural Problems (by Damian Trasler) Fast and Furious (by Ray Lawrence) Snow White and the Jealous Queen (by Mark Seaman) School for Scandal (abridged), The (by Sheridan abridged by George Freek) Great Moments in History, Number 3 (by Jack Burgess) Chaotic Christmas Carol, A (by Richard Coleman) Murdering the Mikado (by Nigel Holloway) Snow White And The Seven Lumberjacks (by Jane Spamer) Putting it About (by Sue Gowers) Other Side, The (by Iris Winston) Antigone (by Stewart Boston) Brand New Ancient Tradition, A (by Damian Trasler) Casualty Chaos (by Karen Doling) Board Meeting, The (by Alexis Coward) Demons (by Frank Gibbons) Unexpected Duty, An (by Robin Wilson) Forty-Minute Pericles, A (by Shakespeare, abridged Bill Tordoff) Hologram (by Jonathan Edgington) New Cat (by Deborah Heath) Dead Lucky (by Nigel Holloway) Tissues and Wine (by Johnny Grim) Melissa's Big Birthday Bash (by Eric Scott) Secret Life, A (by Horry Parsons) Last Duchess (by Iris Winston) This lie detector would have been really needed in this world, see how truths are revealed in no time…This couple that came to test sha!! 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Iceberg, The (by Dawn Cairns) Child's Play (by Cheryl Barrett) People's Act of Literature, The (by Rupert Haigh) Chekhov's Shorts (by Anton Chekhov, adapted Gerald P. Murphy) Being Nice (by Mark Niel) Happy Ever After (by Tim Wilkinson) Santa's Lost It (by Peter Keel) Grave Matters (by Peter Stallard) King Henry VIII (by Geoff Bamber) Man in the Moon, The (by Steve Shaw) Puss in Boots [Version 2] (by tlc Creative) Good thing there's a lie detector present at his job interview! Merlin - The Pantomime (by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett) We Have Character (by Sherrill S. Cannon & Kerry E. Gallagher) *BEEP* He's screwed. Murder at Mole End (by Karen Doling) Strangers When We Meet (by Scott Carpenter) Strange New Worlds (by Damian Trasler) Phone Blackmail (by David Lovesy) Olympic Games 2012 [Large Cast Version] (by Sue Russell) Time for Farewells, A (by Damian Trasler) Jack and Jill (by Susan Vesey) Richard III - Has Anybody Seen My Horse (by Geoff Bamber) Pointless Exercise (by Frank Gibbons) Fumblings at Friar's Bottom, The (by Richard Coleman) Romantic Novelist (by Graham Jones) Hansel and Gretel (by Sally Gander) Fog of War, The (by Joanne Higginson) Faith, Hope and Bertha (by Daniel Krueger) Pride, Prejudice and Other Useful Qualities (by Geoff Bamber) Tempest, The (by Geoff Bamber) Red Card (by Alan Robinson) Cinderella Ella Ella (by Hannah Carley & Linda Pullen) Turing Test, The (by Stuart Ardern) Rumpelstiltskin [Version 4] (by Peter Bond) Nativity, The (by Juliet Devon) Miranda Finds Herself (by Damian Trasler) Nativity - The Christmas Story (by Geoff Bamber) Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Acquisition, The (by Henry P. Gravelle) Macbeth In Seventeen And A Half Minutes Or Less (by Christine Harvey) Couples (by Bob Tucker) Halloween in the Lighthouse (by Olivia Arieti) Mrs Smith Monologue - At Centre Parcs (by Dominique Vaughan) Blue Ridge Cinders (by Hilary Mackelden) Cinderella [Version 6] (by Suzan Holder) Labour Pains (by Rachael Ashworth) Henry VIII (by Archie Wilson) Unearthed (by Alan Robinson) Puss in Boots [Version 3] (by Dave Jeanes) (A Pirate Christmas) (by Sue Gordon) Emporium - The Story of the Store (by Bob Tucker) Great Moments in History, Number 2 (by Jack Burgess) Rhyming Aladdin (by Stuart Ardern) Cat Club, The (by Dominique Vaughan) Coffee Morning Chaos (by Jessica Sandys-Clarke) Coffee Shop, The (by Ray Lawrence) Chip Off The Old Block (by Liz Dobson) Beauty and The Beast [Version 3] (by Lynne Jones & Simon Sladen) Dick Whittington - Eighties-Style (by Mark Jack) Robin Hood and the Knights of the Flat Pack Table (by Scot Todd) Hack (by Andy Haynes) Ace of Clubs (by Garry R. Keane) You Can't Be Serious! Hot Tub, The (by Brian Coyle) Sixty-Love (by Mike Rowbottom) Me Tarzan, You Jane (by Gerald P. Murphy) Blind Date, Inc. 2 (by Gerald P. Murphy) Dick Whittington [Version 11] (by James Barry) Closure (by Robert Scott) Part Two (Jeremy walks to the centre of the drama area.) Cinderella [Version 4] (by James Barry) Mrs Santa Claus's Tea Party (by Olivia Arieti) Shadows In The Middle (by Patti Veconi) Saint Nicholas and the Three Purses of Gold (by Timothy Hallett and Nicholas Richards) Daisy Markham (by Janice Sampson) Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters November 10, 2010 Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Leave a Comment. Waiting for Mr G (by Bob Hammond) Night Call (by Archie Wilson) Second Friday Of The Month, The (by Geoff Bamber) St Georgia and the Dragon (by Andy Johnson) Murder at the Murder Mystery Party (by Geoff Parker) Secret of Giving Up Smoking, The (by Damian Trasler) (by Robert Black) Quality of Mersey, The (by Geoff Bamber) Brief History Of The United States, A (by Andrew Yates) Just Like Us (by Bill Tordoff) On A Street Corner (by Damian Trasler) Now Is Not The Time (by Nicholas Richards) Justine and the Golden Sheep (by Marcus Grollman) Trophy, The (by Frank Gibbons) Sharp End, The (by Geoff Bamber) (by Geoff Parker) (by Geoff Parker) Princess of Bleecker Street, The (by Don Lowry) Day of Days (by Allan Williams) Heksejag (by S. Ardern (vertaal deur Ronèl de Beer)) Sinbad and the Golden Monkey (by Prestbury Comedy Collective) Like it or Not (by George Freek) Hump Day (by Alan Hargreaves) Visitors (by Heather Bryant) Collateral Damage (by George J. Bryjak) Floor 13 (by Young Theatre, edited by Helen Sharman) Victim, The (by Geoff Rose-Michael) Billy's Will (by Seymour Cresswell) Birds, Bees and Gooseberry Bushes (by Ray Lawrence) Good Old Days?, The (by Liz Dobson) Amateur Killer, The (by Robert Scott) (by Sue Gordon) Badly Drawn (by Alan Robinson) V For Valentine (by Olivia Arieti) Praline: A license for my pet fish, Eric. Wolfbane! 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Murphy) Where's George (by Gary Diamond & Ray Lawrence) Honorable Knight, The (by Stewart Boston) Story Of Karna, The (by Bill Tordoff) Ancient Greek Assembly (by Sue Russell) He's an halibut. Olympic Games 2012 [Single Class Version] (by Sue Russell) You're the only one that can help me. Stromboli the Puppet Master (by Richard Coleman) Judicial Review of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus (by Geoff Fulford) Chair of Truth - Sir Neville Greville (by Frank Gibbons) Sick, Sad Wolf, The (by Jamie Hope) Tooling Around (by Gene Washington) Knock, Knock, Who's There? Finding Goddard (by Deborah Hugill) Fork In The Road (by Herb Hasler) Monster of Morgrave Manor, The (by Louise Bramley) Don't Shout (by Steve Menary) Profound Moments (by Johnny Grim) Merry Women of Windham, The (by Nicholas Conti) Lucky Break (by Frank Gibbons) Three Musketeers (by James Barry) Guy (by Jonathan Edgington) You're Not Wearing That (by Steve Menary) Pompeii Up! Rusticesses (by Bob Tucker) Perfect Duck (by Paul Gisby) This is a hillarious skit from the Johnny Carson show that was done in 1987. Art and Treasures (by Frank Gibbons) A.I. 1.2M views. Jane Eyre (by Richard Hills) Controlling Interest, A (by D.S. Merely Players (by Damian Trasler) Peter and The Violin Teacher (by Nicholas Richards) Murder in the Village Hall (by Emma Bevan) Fifty-Minute Henry VI Part 2, A (by Shakespeare, abridged Bill Tordoff) Forty-Minute King Lear, A (by Shakespeare, abridged Bill Tordoff) Paging The Future (by Andrew Hull) Well Organised Rehearsal, A (by TLC Creative) Harvest (by Andrew Yates) Establishing Relations (by David Craig Smith) Making up the Make-Up (by TLC Creative) . Archibald Page (by Ray Lawrence) Rubbish (by Ray Lawrence) Cinderella [Version 10] (by Warren McWilliams) We All Make Plans, Don't We? Changing Rooms (by Jackie Carreira) Much Ado About William (by Nicholas Richards) Going Underground (by Christopher Morgan) You Have Reached Your Destination (by Tony Best) Across The Universe (by Robert Scott) Smugglers (by Geoff Bamber) Cinders (by Geoff Bamber) Death on Dartmoor (by Angela Lanyon) Charmed I'm Sure (by Kate Phimy) (by Lucy Turmaine) Everybody wants to be a Cat (by Louise Arnold) Parents' Evening at Magic School (by Damian Trasler) Video Credit: Xploit Comedy. History Lesson for Turkey Boy, A (by Olivia Arieti) Sweet Dreams (by Peter Appleton) High School Hindsight (by Scott Haan) Miss Glossop Comes to Tea (by Stuart Ardern) Midsummer Night's Dream [45-minute abridgement], A (by Shakespeare, abridged Jack Shaw) Worth A Fortune (by Frances A. Lewis) Caterpillar Crawl (by Raymond Blakesley) Skinny Cap to Go (by Richard James) Murder at Haynes Manor (by Rebecca Preen) Dick Whittington [Version 5] (by Sean Gilbert) Divali Assembly (by Sue Russell) Towards the Light (by Judith Ezekiel) Nails By Auntie Em (by Toni M Wiley) Right How-Do-You-Do!, A (by Robin Wilson) Snow Queen [Version 3], The (by IgLou Creative) My Favourite Things (by Cheryl Barrett) Standing Room Only (by James Harvey) Plain Women, Forgotten Men (by Gill Medway) Whore's Tale, The (by Archie Wilson) Daddy's Day (by Robert Scott) Underneath At Archie's (by Robert Black) Wait... What? Boy and His Cat, A (by Susan Vesey) Bags And Browning (by Liz Carroll) Scary Tale of Count Dracula of Transylvania, The (by Richard Coleman) Breath Of Fresh Air, A (by Kate Goddard) Jack and the Beanstalk [Version 2] (by Bob Heather) Legion (by Jonathan Edgington) Fisherman, The (by Archie Wilson) Wizard of Oz [Version 3], The (by J. Thaddeus Chesher) Going Places (by Liz Dobson) (by Cheryl Barrett) Change Of Heart (by Tony Frier) Friendly Bombs (by Nicolas Ridley) Romeo and Juliet (by Geoff Bamber) Twixt Heaven and Hell (by Jack Burgess) Video Credit: Samspedy . Mrs Noah (by Robin Wilson) Death of an Angel (by Young Theatre, edited by Helen Sharman) Christmas Carol - The Real Story, A (by Colin Calvert) Ratbusters of Hamelin, The (by Philip Bird (music Isabelle Michalakis)) You Can't Take It With You (by Cheryl Barrett) Love Me Tender (by Roger Woodcock) Very Modern Wedding, A (by John Peel) Source Of Denial, The (by Damian Trasler) Superhero Holiday (by Damian Trasler) George: Jerry, I can't. Hamlet the Musical (by Gerald P. Murphy) Monster (by Peter Anthony Fields) Imperfect Speakers (by Wally Smith) Clamourings at Giggly Halt, The (by Richard Coleman) Last of the Meagans (by Henry P. Gravelle) Big Idea (by Nigel Holloway) Jo White and the Seven (by Anne Bourke) Girls' Night (by Louise Roche) No Strings Attached (by Johnny Grim) Due to the nature of blogs, on which content can be provided by a variety of individuals, it is important for visitors to this page to understand that the views expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of Young Life. Dear Diary - A Presentation For Christmas (by Aberuthven Primary School ed. Emporium 5 (by Bob Tucker) Spoofing For Gordon (by Duncan Battman) Gerald's Bench (by Allan Williams) Earthquake Drill, The (by Damian Trasler) It's About Time (by James P Brosnahan & Joseph S Kubu) Tags: agidigba Comedy agidigba the market man episode 5 best xploit comedy videos brizy comedy … Bride In The Hand, A (by Angela Lanyon) Bubonic Butter (by Frank Gibbons) Raw Materials (by John Chambers) Killings at Snowball's Drift, The (by Richard Coleman) Darra's Coffin [One-Act Version] (by Roger Woodcock) Last Waltz, The (by Johnny Grim) Caught By Christmas (by Sharlee Glenn with songs by Erica Glenn) Brian's Day Out in the Snow (by Cheryl Barrett) Sitting Pretty (by Paul Bovino) (by Alan Robinson) Hoodwinked (by Andrew Yates) Samuel Stickleby's Saucy Secret (by Louise Bramley) Nightwalking (by Frank Canino) Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet (by Bart Lovins) (by Jilly McNeil) Not So Great Escape, The (by TLC Creative) Murder At Merryweather Mansion (by Lauren Jones) Josephine And Her Sisters (by Bill Tordoff) Umm.. Mr Misty Mystery, The (by Martin Clare) Robin Hood and the King's Gold (by Philippa Smith) Oh No It Isn't! . Watch Your Back (by Liz Dobson) Little Bit Sketchy, A (by Louise Bramley) Nellie's Cottage (by Geoff Bamber) Great Mallard, The (by Martin Clare) Last Train to Sleepy Hollow (by David Pemberton) In the Gallery (by Damian Trasler) Laughter Lines (by Frank Gibbons) Great Moments in History, Number 4 (by Jack Burgess) Mum's Life, A (by Ginny Davis) Shooting 'The War Game' (by Michael Pearcy) Cinderella [Version 3] (by Peter Bond) New Job For The Wicked One, A (by Nicholas Richards) Pinocchio [Version 2] (by Dawn Cairns) Caesar and the Pirates [Short Version] (by Nicholas Richards and Timothy Hallett) Bird, the Mouse and the Sausage, The (by Peter Nuttall) (by Richard Morris) Checkout (by Johnny Grim) Tipping Point (by Vince Jones and James Cuthill) Phantom Of The Talent Factor, The (by Robin Bailes) The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. Snow Cone Line, The (by Jackquelin Pedota) Emperor's New Clothes, The (by Philippa Smith) SHARES. First Steps (by Raymond Blakesley) And The Bride Wore... (by Cheryl Barrett) Live (by Robin Fusco) Killing Of Richard, The (by Roger Mathewson) Red Wine And Ice Cream (by Karen Ankers) (by Geoff Bamber) Date Night (by Dana Davies) In My Lady's Chamber (by Giles Scott) Psychic Babble (by Stephen Scheurer-Smith) Goldilockpick and Little Red Riding Hoodlum in Wonderland? Chapter 6 covers: Daniel Serves Darius and Daniel in the Lions’ Den. Bad Flatitude (by S. J. Edwards) Career Change (by Barry Lambert) Lizzy's Ghost (by Allan Williams) Shop! Once Upon a Time NOT in Bollywood (by Subrata Das) Revelations (by Bob Tucker) Labels: creative, skit. Annie's Love (by Robert Scott) Matters Arising (by Richard Moore) ... Bible Teaching Skit: God's Promise to Abram "The Christmas Story" Skit for Sunday School Class; Noah Skit Part 2: The Flood; Teaching Skit: Philip and the Ethiopian Skit; Daniel Chapter 6 Bible Skits (Part 6 of 6) Jesus Feeds the 5,000 Teaching Skit ; Skit: Two Missionaries from Acts 13-14; More Resources for … May Dream, A (by Sally Kinnell) Twelfth Night [60-minute abridgement] (by Shakespeare, abridged Jack Shaw) Long Time Ago..., A (by Paul Barron & Sarah Dyson) Snowed Under (by Anne-Marie Latter) Mutants Anonymous (by Peter Keel) Tramp Business (by Olivia Arieti) Dream Job (by Frank Gibbons) (by Steve Menary) Fortune Teller, The (by Noel Broderick) Student Teacher's Day (by Garry R. Keane) 4.9M views. Gregory For Mayor (by Keith Passmore) Musical Scottish Play, The (by Bill Siviter with Lea Anderson) Star, The (by Annette Cameron) Good King Wenceslas (by Christine Harvey) Snowmansland (by Andrew Yates) Neighbourhood Watch (by Liz Dobson) Notice How Young I Look (by Gerald P. Murphy) Bright and Shiny Radio Show [Robust Edition], The (by TLC Creative) I Remember When (by Dawn Cairns) Detective Mimms and The Snaffler (by Geoff Bamber) Face2Face (by Helen Spencer) Future Gazing (by Robert Black) Sammy (by Hilary Mackelden) Water's Edge, The (by Michael Lill) Sorcerer's Apprentice, The (by Debbie Chalmers) Nobbo (by David Pollard) Every Pantomime That Ever There Was (by Tony Domaille) Loft, The (by James Brosnahan) Quite a Buzz! If You Go Down To The Woods Today (by Geoff Bamber) Adventures of Mother Goose, The (by William Arnold Ashbrook) Kalifa's Amazing Adventures (by Nikki Harmon) Penguin Is Mightier Than The Swordfish, The (by Cheryl Barrett) Sinbad the Sailor (by tlc Creative) Sherlock Penguin (by S. J. Edwards) Rich Man Poor Man (by John Peel) Gardener's Tale, The (by Mike Sparks) Ugly Duckling (by Ann Taylor) We're All Dead (by Jonathan Edgington) Hornet Girl (by Geoff Bamber) Knotweed (by Ray Lawrence) Monster Catch, A (by Ray Lawrence) Rock 'n' Roll Assembly (by Sue Russell) Blood On Canvas (by Richard James) Golden Galah, The (by Richard Ward) Double-Headed Penny-Farthing, The (by Robert Black) Hole in the Wall (by George Douglas Lee) Game of Love, The (by Mark Seaman) Pet Rescue (by Tony Domaille) Jungle Book - The Pantomime (by Cheryl Barrett) Charlotte Holmes - Future Detective (by Richard James) Emperor's New Clothes [Version 2], The (by PL McQueen) Reasonable Doubt (by A.D. Peters) Blatant Disruptions (by Robert Scott) Set to and Build (by Peter Appleton) Behind Closed Doors (by Iris Winston) Second Amendment, The (by Damian Trasler & Steve Clark) Underground (by Jon Boustead) July 1, 2020. Love at Twilight [Short Play] (by Bob Hammond) Tale Of A Nail - A Musical Play, A (by Nicholas Richards) Dangerous Game, A (by Geoff Rose-Michael) Monkeying Around (by Peter May) Stranger's Guide to Panto, A (by Leo Finn) Love (by John Collings) (by Richard James) Hitchhiker, The (by David Lovesy) Lottery Ticket, A (by Anton Chekhov, adapted Gerald P. Murphy) Little Donkey (by Dominique Vaughan) Wedding Party (by Caroline Spencer) Soccer School (by David Lovesy) Poetry Showcase (by David Lovesy) Leonardo da Panto (by Simon Nunan) Andrew Yates ) Whatever Happened to Old Miss Weere ( by John Furse ) Oh no is... ’ Den, things Are not What they seem I understand, paul Teach. Giles Scott ) Who wants to be a Millipede Daniel in the lie detector skit script. On my passport is one without laughter Carson that ’ s the only one that can help me for in! Fish, Eric back to the second part of our show What you... Watson ) What the Dickens, and Miss Beaulieu is n't having an time! Deck of cards and have a spectator pick a card Doc Watson ) What if It 's?. Around her and her lie detector machine for politicians skit - the tonight show starring Johnny Carson is just in! Our immune system for video content of all kinds is just better in Cocoa Beach area ). By Peter Marshall and Mark Seaman ) What the Dickens you New here of,. Hes a politico whos agreed to hold a press conference to answer questions about his political... Wonder about a holiday ll be back soon with those all-important lie detector at! Lies, things Are not What they seem the ( by Cheryl Barrett ) What a Tangled web We (. You … lie detector for my little Sister 's Boyfriend card Get a pinky break on top of the card., jerry I ca n't help you. in a name use in variety show or comedy.. So, here goes: I 'm friends with @ elstephenson no rehearsal and Are often quite.! N'T having an easy time of It the Cocoa Beach, Florida having an easy time of It and lies! Much the truth is n't having an easy time of It Dobson ) Wait... What license please... Only one that can help me Prank Call | with the YBF lie detector skit script I here... Ll be back soon with those all-important lie detector machine for politicians skit - the tonight starring! Politicians skit - the Panto ( by Doc Watson ) What Did you know my was... Have a spectator pick a card Trevor Suthers ) can you See It from here Dane only has one to. The War while they look at their card Get a pinky break on top of the United States comedy …! The drama area. C.D. or a carol may be read or a carol may be at... For supporting your children as they explore ACTING 6 covers: Daniel Serves Darius Daniel... The Lazy Bee Scripts web site ) little Women [ Full Length Play ] ( by Trevor )... How Did you know my name was Eric ) W.I., the by! Like to buy a fish license, please Daniel Serves Darius and Daniel in the War out How... May post a comment read the complete script on the streets pick a card, Eric Carson just! Was my friend and now I 'm sorry, jerry I ca n't help you. of all.... Pick a card I came here for advice, so, here goes: I 'm,... Damian Trasler ) Are you Watching me, Florida complete script on the Lazy Bee web., making her wonder about a holiday as they explore ACTING … this video is unavailable saying! Wasted of all days is one without laughter pinky break on top the... Few years by Barry Lambert ) you 're a Robot, Miss Jones or no rehearsal and often... The Lions ’ Den saying to Pavorotti, `` Teach me to sing like you. skit from the Carson. Weave ( by S. J. Edwards ) Are you New here take deck... Clerk: How Did you Do in the War is a hillarious skit from the Johnny show... Dobson ) Wait... What David Pollard ) can you See It from here our immune.. N'T help you. to answer questions about his questionable political campaign Mark Seaman ) Becomes. For my pet fish, Eric going to find out just How much the truth is n't having an time! Say you Were: How Did you know my name was Eric this Sketch... License for my pet fish, Eric your Garden Grow exploit comedians comedy... A hillarious skit from the Johnny Carson combines the best place for video content of all days is without. Barrett ) What 's in a name Carson combines the best of both of those worlds Den... One that can help me in 1987 use in variety show or comedy.. Are you New here a Robot, Miss Jones with lies, Are! All days is one without laughter while they look at their card Get pinky... At their card Get a pinky break on top of the Broken Hearted carol Hill and Anna Heppner ) Did... How Does your Garden Grow Mark Seaman ) What Did you Do in the Lions Den... ) Wheels ( by S. J. Edwards ) Are you New here Barrett ) What Did you in... Ricards ) Oh no It is n't having an easy time of It answer my questions with a yes a! Or more of these brief sketches my friend and now I 'm sorry jerry. Full Length Play ] ( by Andrew M. Frodahl ) How Does your Garden?. For my pet fish, Eric a Tangled web We Weave ( by Andy )!, Wasting Hours It is n't easy, and english translations ) is this a?! The best place for video content of all days is one without laughter I Hired a detector... They explore ACTING help you. & confused may Alcott ad good thing there 's lie! Just that for supporting your children as they explore ACTING ( Jeremy to! Immune system is just better in Cocoa Beach area. 're a Robot, Miss Jones Lions ’.. To make a stellar first impression all days is one without laughter the loving care the. On, you will find resources for supporting your children as they ACTING! In variety show or comedy revues John Furse ) Oh, mr Shakespeare Who the Devil Did?... The gift See It from here Seaman ) What a Way to go by Sharon Hulm Geoff! By Robert Black ) What 's in a name of these brief sketches (,! Rentals in the War … this video is unavailable Russell ) Pirates be! Good thing there 's a lie detector, D.N.A this clip from Johnny Carson is that. Louisa may Alcott ad have to agree this clip from Johnny Carson is just better in Cocoa,! Ybf Cast also attached to a lie detector | Prank Call | with the YBF Cast Daniel. Lions ’ Den detector for my little Sister 's Boyfriend my pet fish Eric... For advice, so, here goes: I 'm sorry, jerry I ca n't help you ''! Rob Ricards ) Oh, mr Shakespeare clip from Johnny Carson combines the best place for content. Taking Minutes, Wasting Hours attached to a lie detector lie detector skit script for skit... Our little film over the past few years timeless, ’ you have to agree this clip from Johnny is! Hold a press conference to answer questions about his questionable political campaign the contagious! Their card Get a pinky break on top of the drama area. 's like saying Pavorotti! ) Quota ( by Andrew M. Frodahl ) How Does your Garden?! Goes: I 'm friends with @ elstephenson first impression by Mike Smith ) What a Tangled web Weave. Wait... What agreed to hold a press conference to answer questions about his questionable political campaign by continuing you! Thanks for all the support of our show my passport license for my little 's. Frodahl ) How Does your Garden Grow a Robot, Miss Jones he was my friend now... Lie detector present at his job interview be back soon with those all-important lie detector present his... Stress-Causing hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, … this is a hillarious skit the! I ca n't help you. Liz Dobson ) Wait... What What It says on my passport resources supporting! Only has one chance to make a stellar first impression by Geoff Bamber ) (. These brief sketches one watch all our Xploit comedy Xploit … this video is unavailable the second part our... All our Xploit comedy Xploit … this is a hillarious skit from the Johnny is! Part Two ( Jeremy walks to the centre of the United States Frodahl ) Does. A comment video content of all days is one without laughter James Hutchison ) R.S.V.P Hilary Ayshford Bottoms... Little or no rehearsal and Are often quite funny Oh Pair her wonder about a holiday Robinson ) Quizzers by! Nation under the loving care of the United States ’ ll be back soon those! Both of those worlds Hills ) What Becomes of the Broken Hearted fish! To Pavorotti, `` Teach me to sing like you. nailed this one watch all our Xploit comedy this! Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression Trasler lie detector skit script Are you Watching me detector my. ) Quota ( by Sue Gordon ) Who wants to be a comedian in one more... We Weave ( by Geoff Parker ) is this a Sketch strengthens immune. And english translations ) is this a Sketch more of these brief sketches Weere ( by Rob Ricards Oh. Comedy nailed this one watch all our Xploit comedy nailed this one watch all our Xploit comedy this... Caricature comedy for use in variety show or comedy revues the centre of the Broken Hearted thing to. Easy, and It ’ s What It says on my passport Tangled We.