Reply 1997 Episode 15; Respond 1997 Episode 15; Answer To 1997 Episode 15; Eungdabhara 1997 Episode 15; Answer Me 1997 Episode 15; Respond To 1997 Episode 15; Contéstame 1997; Set in the 1990's, the drama centers around a female high school student Shi Won, who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends in Busan. and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just beginning to blossom. The drama also switches between scenes of them growing up and scenes from their school reunion in 2012. Episodes Reply 1997. 16 episodes. [79] Not long after the show concluded, Eun and H.O.T members Moon Hee-joon and Tony An joined two other members of fellow first-generation groups in filming their own variety show Handsome Boys of the 20th Century, which Moon called the "reality-variety show version of Reply 1997". [63][64] Endless pop culture references are packed into every minute of the show, with little pop culture easter eggs hidden in scenes, callbacks to the trends of the day, and cameos that are in-jokes. Reply 1997. In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. As the first installment of the Reply series, it also portrays the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation idol groups such as H.O.T. Chu. Reply 1997 Reply 1994 Reply 1988; 2012: 2013: 2015–2016: Principal; Jung Eun-ji: 1: Seo In-guk: 1: Hoya: 1: Shin So-yul: 1: Eun Ji-won: 1: Lee Si-eon: 1: Go Ara: 1: Jung Woo: 1: Yoo Yeon-seok: Kim Sung-kyun: 2: Son Ho-jun: Baro: Min Do-hee: Lee Hye-ri: Park Bo-gum: Go Kyung-pyo: Ryu Jun-yeol: Lee Dong-hwi: Sung Dong-il: Lee Il-hwa: Song Jong-ho: Noh Ji-yeon Jung Kyung-mi Reply 1997 Episode 07 Drama ini akan fokus pada budaya penggemar ekstrim yang muncul pada 1990-an ketika kelompok idola mengambil tengah panggung dan K-pop itu mekar. SubtitlesEnglish, German, French and 39 more. #kdrama #reply1997 #netflixWatch Netflix's Reply 1997 Episode 12 with us! 42 tracks. REPLY 1997 POST SCHEDULE:. Enjoy!!! The realism is aided by the fact that much of the principal cast is actually from the region, who speak with authentic Gyeongsang dialect. I just added most of the songs. Episode 1 [75], The show was said to have sparked the "retro" trend in South Korea and the media and cultural commentators have noted an increased interest in the pop culture of the 1990s after the show aired. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. This drama served as the acting debut of Jung Eun-ji. Eung-dab-ha-ra 1997 (original title) 50min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | TV Series (2012–2013) Episode Guide. Seo In-guk, Eun Ji-won, Lee Si-eon and Shin So-yul hosted the 15 September 2012 episode of sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live Korea, which included skits that parody scenes in their series. Set in a college campus, it follows the pop culture events of that year, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys and the basketball craze of the era. [72], A novelization was published in January 2013. and Sechs Kies are cool again as the '90s return", "Reply 1997 Features Fun Subtitles for Easy Pop Culture Understanding", "Reply 1997 Brings Vintage Back into Style", "tvN Releases Photo of A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk Getting Ready to Kiss", "Nearly 9 Out of 10 Netizens Believe Yoon Jae is Si Won′s Husband", "A Peek Behind A Pink Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk′s Faucet Kiss Scene of, "god가 부른 추억① '응답하라 2000', 추억은 이제 현재진행형이 되다", "god부터 S.E.S까지! ", "Infinite, Sechs Kies, A Pink and Seo In Guk Fans Bombard, "Infinite's Hoya and Cast Thank Viewers for Watching, "H.O.T. Drama: Reply 1997; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 16; Aired: Jul 24, 2012 - Sep 18, 2012; Aired On: Tuesday; Original Network: tvN; Duration: 60 min. It’s perfectly nostalgic, all about looking back on being eighteen with all its attendant highs and lows. [102][103], A second spin-off, Reply 1988, aired in 2015. [81] The variety show Infinite Challenge began airing the "Saturday, Saturday is for Singers" (ToToGa) segment which specifically features artists and groups popular during the 1990s and has directly led to the reunions of first-generation groups Jinusean, S.E.S, Sechs Kies and H.O.T after over a decade of inactivity or disbandment.[77][82]. Answer Me 1997: Episodes 1-2 by girlfriday. The series originally aired live on cable channel tvN in 16 episodes (fourteen 30-minute episodes aired back-to-back over a period of 7 weeks, with the last 2 episodes aired separately and lasting 1 hour each due to the amount of material the staff didn't want to edit out). [73], Director Shin Won-ho re-edited all 16 episodes for a special director's cut DVD, released in February 2013. Details. Director: Yoo Seon Dong (Vampire Prosecutor 2) Screenwriter: Jung Do Yoon (Witch's Court), Yeo Ji Na (Il Mare) Cast: Jo Byung Kyoo (Hot Stove League) as So Moon, Kim Se Jung (I Wanna Hear Your Song) as Do Ha Na, Yoo Joon Sang (Graceful Friends) as Ga Mo Tak, Yum Hye Ran (Mystic Pop Up Bar) as Chu Mae Ok. Streaming Sources: Netflix Reply 1997 Episode 16 Drama ini akan fokus pada budaya penggemar ekstrim yang muncul pada 1990-an ketika kelompok idola mengambil tengah panggung dan K-pop itu mekar. S1, Ep2 This show is so adorable. Reply 1997 (also known as Answer Me 1997) tells the story of a group of friends living in Busan during the 1990’s. Mom and Dad argue up a storm over Shi-won’s latest antics. Ep. dari semua personil Band tersebut ia tergila … We get rewarded with some answers and even some new surprises, as we close the chapter on first loves and find out how everyone grew up—along with, in spite of, and because of them. Aired On: Tuesday. [106], "Get a Glimpse Into the Life of the Scriptwriter through, "PD Rhee Myung Han′s TV League: The Vintage Boom: It's All About Empathy", "Interview: Jung Eun Ji Understands Her Fans Better Now through, "Nostalgic Drama Puts A Pink's Jung Eun-ji in the Spotlight", "1st Look Magazine Interview: A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji Talks About Pregnancy and Talking Like a Grandma", "A Pink Members Think Jung Eun Ji Should Just Marry Seo In Guk", "Yoon Yoon-je's Character Description on the Official Website", "Reply 1997: Seo In Guk Brings Romance to the Screen", "Seo In Guk Talks about Acting and Scandals with A Pink's Jung Eun Ji", "Interview: Seo In Guk Wants Everyone to Tune In to, "Interview: Seo In Guk Knew He Would Become the Bad Guy after Touching Jung Eun Ji′s Breasts", "INFINITE's Hoya "members didn't give me any acting advice, "Interview: Hoya is More Popular Because of, "Interview: Reply 1997′s Shin So Yul Didn′t Love Kissing Eun Ji Won", "Eun Ji Won Acts with Friends 10 Years Younger for, "Bang Sung-jae's Character Description on the Official Website", "Infinte's Hoya Dines with Lee Si Eon After Missing, "BTS Photos of Seo In Guk and A Pink' Jung Eun Ji's Duet Revealed", "Seo In-guk and Jang Eun-ji to sing duet for drama", "Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk Continue Success of, "Seo In-guk, A PINK's Eunji Reclaims Throne on Gaon Chart", "Gaon Chart releases Yearly Chart Ranking for 2012", "Seo In Guk and A Pink's Jung Eun Ji Fight and Bicker with Each Other", "Answer Me 1997 Director Edition OST (tvN TV Drama)", "Seo In Guk & A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji Say Hello at, "Eun Ji Won Says Seo In Guk and Eun Ji are Building a Real-Life Love Line", "Jung Eun Ji Turns Down Seo In Guk's Love Confession? Another series from the same writer and director, Reply 1994 was produced in 2013. And its smart, witty way of addressing the growing pains of its adolescent cast makes it just as relevant in the present as it was back in the late-'90s setting of its primary plot. [39], The two singles topped the Gaon Single Chart and Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100, and "All For You" became one of the best-selling singles of that year with 2,499,273 downloads. Reply 1997. Dad calls her names, Mom calls Dad names, and ’round and ’round we go. [65], It was also a digital success, receiving more than a million hits after it was made available for downloading and streaming on internet and mobile site Tving. 2012 PG-13 16 episodes. 1. The dialogue also uses time-specific, location-specific slang.[67]. [6], Set in the 1990s, "Reply 1997" follows female high-school student Sung Shi-won (Jung Eun-ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends. I officially have PROOF that Answer Me 1997 might just be the best show ever: My best friend and I ingeniously made plans so that we could watch the newly released episodes 11 and 12 of the drama BEFORE our other NOT-kdrama-addicted (she likes to call … 2. Original Soundtrack: Reply 1997 OST Related TV Shows: Reply 1994 (tvN, 2013) and Reply 1988 (tvN, 2015) Daftar Pemain Drama Reply 1997. “Answer Me 1997,” also known as “Reply 1997,” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Shin Won Ho. Download Drama Korea Reply 1997 Sub Indo. Here's how:1. Open Netflix, and find Reply 1997 episode 122. [47], Due to popular demand, CJ E&M eventually released a "Director's Edition" soundtrack that feature Jung and Seo's 2 covers, as well as '90s songs played throughout the series. It also starred Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa, but as different characters. Episodes: 16. 16), 슬프도록 아름다운 (The Sadder, the More Beautiful) - K2, In Thailand, the drama aired dubbed into Thai under the title, This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 18:54. Answer Me 1997: Episode 16 (Final) by girlfriday. [53][54][55] But with strong word of mouth, it soon gained recognition as a high-quality production with a distinct sense of identity, becoming a buzz-worthy "syndrome" show (the Korean slang term for a hit show with an ardent fanbase). Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older Cast Seo In Guk, Jeong Eun Ji, Eun Ji Won and 3 more. Genres Idol Drama, Romantic Comedy, Korean Drama. Friday January 15th - Discussion Post 2 (Episodes 9 - 16). [48] Before its official release, the album sold out its 12,500 units via pre-order, surpassing the average soundtrack sales figure of 5,000. Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) and her five friends – Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk), Mo Yoo Jung (Shin So Yul), Kang Joon Hee (Hoya), Do Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) and Bang Sung Jae (Lee Shi Un) – were friends in high school in 1997, when the K-pop and celebrity idols were gaining national popularity, and they were swept up in the adoration of their favorite K-pop and other idol stars. [49][50], The TV serial mostly consisted of idol singers with scant acting experience, and apart from the meta casting of Sechs Kies member Eun Ji-won (who previously worked with director Shin Won-ho and the writing staff on the variety show 1 Night & 2 Days),[51][52] it premiered to little hype. In 1997, nothing was more important to Shi Won than the Korean boy band 'H.O.T.' EPISODE 3: “What You See Is Not Everything”. [101] Younger cast members Jung Eun-ji, Seo In-guk, Hoya, Lee Si-eon, Shin So-yul, Eun Ji-won, and Lee Jooyeon reprised their Reply 1997 roles in cameo appearances. [76][77][78] Notably, the show garnered more interest in "first generation" K-pop idol groups whose heyday took place during the 1990s prior to the Korean Wave, hence not being as well known to international audiences as their much younger counterparts. The '90s-set drama didn't have an original soundtrack of its own since a huge aspect of the show's mood is set with era-specific music, one of its defining characteristics. Their duet in Part 1 was a remake of 1990s idol group Cool's "All For You. 75% of Reply 1997's bgm, perhaps. Reply 1997 Episode 16; Respond 1997 Episode 16; Answer To 1997 Episode 16; Eungdabhara 1997 Episode 16; Answer Me 1997 Episode 16; Respond To 1997 Episode 16; Contéstame 1997; Set in the 1990's, the drama centers around a female high school student Shi Won, who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends in Busan. 1. Aired: Jul 24, 2012 - Sep 18, 2012. As a teen, Shi-won was obsessed with a boy band. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage. 9), Kim Ki-wook as cellphone store salesman (ep. Let’s Rewind is a series of discussions on r/KDRAMA in which viewers may watch a drama at their own pace over the period of a month.. [66], With majority of Korean dramas shot in the capital Seoul, another of the show's charms is its Busan setting, which is treated in a matter-of-fact way as a locale. In this dramatic series about shared lives and enduring memories, a circle of friends from high school gather for their 15-year reunion. Although only two episodes aired on July 24, approximately 30 minutes each, tvN′s new drama Reply 1997 was jam-packed with strong characters, a hilarious storyline, and … 응답하라 1997, Answer Me 1997, Reply to 1997, Respond 1997. [36] Seo was the first season winner of the music audition program Superstar K, and Eun-ji is the main vocalist of K-pop girl group A Pink. 9.3 ( 3,169) 응답하라 1997, Answer Me 1997, Reply to 1997, Respond 1997. Reply 1997 (Korean: 응답하라 1997; RR: Eungdaphara 1997) is a 2012 South Korean television series that centers on the lives of six friends in Busan, as the timeline moves back and forth between their past as 18-year-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-year-olds at their high school reunion dinner in 2012, where one couple will announce that they're getting married. It’s the end of the road for our journey back in time to the ’90s, and the goodbye is bittersweet. Thursday January 7th - Discussion Post 1 (Episodes 1 - 8). This drama will focus on the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when idol groups took center stage and K-pop was blossoming. [71] On 20 September 2012, a special was aired on tvN's enews featuring behind-the-scenes videos and a few bloopers from the set. Her best friend Yoo Jung was her partner in crime, also falling in love with a different idol everyday. Summer of 1997. Countdown on 6 September 2012,[46] and on 19 September, the song "All For You" ranked first on another music program, Music Triangle. "[37][38] Their duet in Part 2 is a remake of "Just the Way We Love", from the soundtrack of 1999 film Love Wind Love Song. [40][41][42][43][44][45] Jung and Seo also gave a live performance on Mnet's M! Reply 1997 Episode 3; Respond 1997 Episode 3; Answer To 1997 Episode 3; Eungdabhara 1997 Episode 3; Answer Me 1997 Episode 3; Respond To 1997 Episode 3; Contéstame 1997; Set in the 1990's, the drama centers around a female high school student Shi Won, who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends in Busan. We backtrack to three days … 추억에서 걸어나온 '전설'들의 재결합, 가요계에 부는 '컴백 열풍' [기획]", "LIVE BLOG/LIVE STREAM: Style Icon Awards 2012 Part II", "Kim Nam Joo wins the grand award at '2012 Korea Drama Awards, "Seo In-guk, A PINK Jung Eun-ji Receive Music Style OST Award at the 2012 Melon Music Awards", "49th Baeksang Arts Awards nominees revealed", "Yoo Jae Suk and Ryu Seung Ryong Take Home Daesangs at the, "Ryu Seung-ryong gets top Paeksang Award", "49th Baeksang Arts Awards - Best TV Screenplay Nominees", "The final nominees for the 2013 Seoul Drama Awards to be released", "Celebrating 10 years with the tvN10 Awards", "Fox Adapting Korean Coming-Of-Age Musical Drama With,, 2012 South Korean television series debuts, 2012 South Korean television series endings, TVN (South Korean TV channel) television dramas, South Korean LGBT-related television shows, South Korean comedy-drama television series, 2010s LGBT-related comedy television series, 2010s LGBT-related drama television series, Articles with dead external links from December 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jung Kyung-mi as Kyung-mi / "Eun Dokki" (Eun Axe) -, Kim Sun-ah as Kim Sun-ah / "Eun Gak-ha" -, Lee Yeon-kyung as Moon Jung-mi, Yoon-je's mother (ep.